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Updated Dec 19, 2021

With this guide we will help you to be prepared, with procedures and measures for cleaning, disinfection and hygiene, applicable to the different spaces and facilities. We want to guarantee all our clients and employees a safe and contagion-free environment.

Personal hygiene measures, general recommendations and good customs

Hand hygiene should be frequent, as the main preventive measure. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. Remember to cover your mouth and nose with disposable tissues (or the elbow crease) when coughing or sneezing. Do not share items for personal use, such as glasses, cutlery and hygiene items. Upon entering the hotel, the use of gel alcohol will be mandatory.

Maintain a distance of at least one meter with anyone inside the establishment. Let's greet each other side by side, avoiding contact.

We will have updated the telephone numbers of health centers, emergencies, doctors and private hospitals to request assistance or health information to anyone who may need them.


In the reception

The reception area will be cleaned every 2 hours. The guest will complete their data via the web prior to arrival. If you have not done so, we will ask you to send them by mail or WhatsApp. Upon arrival the guest will go through a disinfectant mat that will be at the entrance to the Hotel, then we will ask you to sanitize your hands with gel alcohol

We will take the guest's temperature and it must be registered using a form. The guest must send us the photo of the DNI or Passport by email or whatsapp. You will receive the key to your room, previously sanitized.

At the entrance and exit of the elevator you will find a gel alcohol dispenser to use before or after touching the keypad.

Upon checking out, you must place the keys to the room in an urn that you will find at the reception to avoid contact with the collaborator. At the end of the day they will be disinfected to reuse the next day.


Cleanliness of the rooms

Freshly prepared solutions will always be used. Before starting your workday, all cleaning supplies, such as brooms, mops, dusters, vacuum cleaners, toilet brushes and sprays, will be disinfected.

A deep cleaning will be carried out on the following contact areas:

1 - Switches and remote controls: Lights, Lamps, Air Control, TV.

2 - Handles and knobs: Doors, cabinets, drawers, curtain pulls.

3 - Main bathroom surfaces: Button and toilet seat, walls that are feasible to contain splashes, shower commands and taps.

4 - Control panels (air conditioning).

5 - Telephone, Controls, and watches.

6 - Bed and bedding

7 - Bath amenities: Shampoo dispensers, rinsing cream and bath gel, Tissue boxes, soap dishes, hair dryer.

8 - Furniture: Desks, night tables.

9 - Wardrobes: Safe, with special attention to the keyboard.

10 - Other items: Cutlery, cups, coffee makers, electric kettles.


Food and drinks

Under approval of the national state, our classrooms will be open, with the necessary precautionary measures.

- The expected capacities of each room will be respected to the maximum, the furniture will be organized so that there is at least 2 m. distance between people. The tables will be arranged in such a way that the distances between the backrest from chair to chair, from one table to another, is greater than 1.5 m.

- Door handles, push plates, railings, desks, tables, chairs, armchairs, silverware, utensils, glassware will be cleaned and disinfected. As well as menus, table decorations, salt / pepper containers and dressings, trays, and beverage machines, at every shift change.

- The living rooms and dining rooms will be ventilated after each service.



It will be provided with the prior reservation modality, respecting the assigned shifts. Our service will be à la carte and presented in individual dishes.

The restaurant menu will be in digital format. If the guest requests it, we can offer the laminated menu for its best disinfection. Guests are suggested to charge the room to avoid handling money or cards.

When a table finishes eating, before the next diner is seated, it will be disinfected in its entirety.


Gym, pool and spa

The machines will be separated with the required distance of at least 2 meters. Maintain clean surfaces, gadgets, and dumbbells at the end of each shift. Our pools will remain open with proper chlorine and pH control. Let's arrange the solarium furniture with the recommended distances. The massage service will be active. It will be with prior reservation and with the necessary care.

If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us!

Thank you for your attention.