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Our Coronavirus response

Updated on May 11

Dear Client,

Abiding by the provisions of prevention of the current health emergency that we face by COVID-19 and complying with the regulations established by the Ministries of Health and Commerce, Industry and Tourism and the guidelines of the World Health Organization - WHO - , and other Colombian authorities, we want to communicate all the measures that we have implemented, to guarantee the service of our clients, guests and users, who are our priority.


Preventive measures

1) Cleaning cycles: Reinforcement of cleaning cycles following all the recommendations in disinfection procedures provided by the health authorities, such as daily disinfection in all common areas with surface cleaners and room restorers, for the removal of any type of dirt , Bacteria and viruses including COVID-19.

2) Antibacterial gel: Antibacterial gel in all areas.

3) Protection elements: Mandatory use for the staff of our hotels, such as face masks and face protection card.

4) Recommendations: Delivery to guests of the pertinent safety recommendations and completion of the format on the origin of their trip and symptoms, which we must know to activate the protocol.

5) Isolation: Creation of isolation floors for guests who require it with room service and cleaning services and
disinfection according to protocol.

6) Laundry: Separation of clothes and washing and drying at temperatures above 60 degrees Celsius.

7) Disinfection tower: We have a mouthpiece dispenser, a handwash module through the nebulization of a disinfecting agent, a disinfection tape for footwear, a thermometer, etcetera.

8) Temperature taking: As a preventive measure, the temperature will be taken with an infrared thermometer located in the reception.

9) Fumigation in the different areas of our hotels: fumigation is carried out with the royal condor manual fumigator in all areas of our hotels.


If you have any further questions about our coronavirus response, don’t hesitate to call us directly.

We will be happy to answer your querie.

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