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Located in the southern cone of South America, between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, it is one of the longest countries in the world and simultaneously one of the narrowest but enjoying a wide diversity from Patagonia to the south to the Atacama Desert in the far north.

Chile offers a diversity of landscapes and natural places. In its extensive territory there coexist deserts and glaciers, plains and mountain ranges, great lakes and rivers, lush ancient forests, volcanoes, and a native flora and fauna that even attracted Charles Darwin.

Chile Participating Hotels

Hotel CasaEstablo by DOT Boutique

Araucania, Pucón

Discover the Chilean Patagonia

Lodge Mirador de los Volcanes by DOT Cabana

Araucania, Pucón

A touching beauty

El Reloj Hotel by DOT Boutique

Aysén, Coyhaique

In the heart of Patagonia

What to do in Chile

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