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The city and spa of the Araucanía Region, located in the south of Chile, is one of the favorite destinations for both national and foreign tourists.


Located on the shores of Lake Villarrica and at the foot of the active volcano of the same name, it has a magical combination that allows you to enjoy both the beach and water sports in summer, as well as its ski center in winter. The surroundings of Pucón also allow you to practice a series of sports and activities that have made it the capital of adventure tourism in southern Chile.



Pucón Participating Hotels

Hotel CasaEstablo by DOT Boutique

Araucania, Pucón

Discover the Chilean Patagonia

Lodge Mirador de los Volcanes by DOT Cabana

Araucania, Pucón

A touching beauty

What to do in Pucón

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