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The majestic Iguazú Falls are located in the interior of the Iguazú National Park, an area of nature preservation covering 67,720 hectares in the extreme north of the Province of Misiones, in the Argentine Republic. They are a set of 275 jumps that are located on the Iguazú River, on the border between the Province of Misiones and the Brazilian State of Paraná.

    From 8 AM to  6 PM 


    Full day

    Comfortable footwear with rubber sole because it is usually wet and some raincoat

    From AR$ 450.- (It does not include entrance to the Iguazú National Park)

    The entrance to the park includes: Stroll in the Ecological Train of the Forest, Garganta del Diablo Circuit, Lower Circuit, Superior Circuit, Macuco Trail and San Martín Island Circuit.

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