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Rewards That Pay Off

What is DOT Rewards?

DOT Rewards is the DOT Hotels Alliance loyalty program. It allows you to access instant benefits, discounts, free stays and exclusive experiences. It’s the easiest way to reserve in America, offering a wide variety of hotels in different cities and countries.  



What benefits do I access as a DOT Rewards member?

As a DOT member you’ll access the best rates, room upgrades, discounts on food, early check-in, late check-out, and much more! As soon as you become a member you’ll gain 5 DOT welcome points, which you can begin to use immediately. You’ll gain DOT points with each of your stays.



How do I earn points?

By becoming a DOT Rewards member, and with each stay at any of our hotels booked through our call center, website, or through the hotel’s direct website, you’ll gain DOT points equal to 5% of the cost of your stay.

If 72 hours after the check out, DOT Points are not in your account, please start a claim clicking here.



How much are 1 DOT point worth?

Each point = 1 U$D at the moment of exchanging.



How do I exchange my points?

You can exchange your points through our call center (view phone number in our menu), our website, or alternatively the website of the hotel you’ll be staying at.



When can I exchange my points?

You can exchange your points right away, without needing to wait to accumulate a certain amount of points. For example, as soon as you’ve got 1 DOT point, you can use that as 1 U$D towards your reservation.



Can I use my points for any hotel?

You can use your points at any of our hotels, for any date. The points can be added to any other type of promotion or discount offered by the hotel.

Welcome To DOT Rewards


DOT reward fast icon at the DOT Hotels
DOT reward easy icon at DOT Hotels
DOT reward program poster at DOT Hotels
Instant Rewards
DOT rewards exclusive member rates icon at DOT Hotels
Exclusive Member Rates
Early Check-In Late Check-Out icon at the DOT Hotels
Early Check-In
Late Check-Out
DOT reward welcome point icon at the DOT Hotels
Welcome Points
Image icon of a key at DOT Hotels
Room Upgrade
DOT rewards free Wi-Fi icon at the DOT Hotels
Free Wi-Fi
Not Applicable Silver DOT Gold DOT
Free Wifi Star icon Star icon
DOT Member Rate Star icon Star icon
Welcome Points* Star icon Star icon
Bottle of Water Star icon Star icon
Priority Check In Star icon Star icon
Restaurant Discounts** Star icon Star icon
Early Check In*** Not Applicable Star icon
Late Check Out*** Not Applicable Star icon
Room Upgrade*** Not Applicable Star icon
​*5 DOT points after check in
** Applies to select properties
***Depending on availability at Check-In
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